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New York State Department of Motor Vehicles STATEMENT OF IDENTITY AND/OR RESIDENCE BY PARENT/GUARDIAN www.dmv.ny.gov Use this form if you are under 21 and cannot provide enough proofs from the: Proof
Fill statement of identity and or residence by parent guardian: Try Risk Free
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What's going on YouTube J Malibu Oh 36 here, and today I'm going to bring you a to a different style video before we get started actually going to start the car I'm in the escape right now I don't fit, but the air on this is very hot there we so the type video I'm going to do today is not really probably not going to be towards my older viewers but the title video I'm going to do today and the title is going to say it um getting your permit in New York State now this video obviously isn't going to be towards like I said my older subscribers, but why was looking to get my permit I look at many videos on YouTube I looked for videos on YouTube of people who took their permits, and they weren't many out there, so that's what this video is going to be for those of you who don't know and don't subscribe or watch my videos I'm sitting in my mom's 2014 Ford Escape titanium with the Julie your ego boost for those of you who don't even know what that it is an SUV or a crossover SUV — yeah starting off I don't know if this air is too hot but whatever starting off, so I went before my birthday was February 26 I went to the DMV before my birthday and I said I'm turning 16 soon and I want to get my permit what do I need, so she gave me I think it was one application and the book that they give you for free probably the only thing you're going to get for free in the DMV, so I went home I did the application everything I studied I went not reading the book because my friends had taken their permit a little before me and they printed out tests from the website the DMV website I will link it below, and I studied all those tests I did all of them online, and I printed them out with the right answers and everything, and so I obviously woke up on I took the test it's March 24th it's Thursday I took it on Tuesday I went to the DMV around 9:30 in the morning on Tuesday with my dad and I went to the woman at the counter and I said I'm going to take my permit test she gave me a ticket number it was a 1:05 for anybody who cares, so I sat down she said wait for your number be called at decks 34, so I was cold I went to desk 34 the woman got all my information are you 16 yes I'm 16 they entry that about 15 times just to ensure that I was sixteen I guess um, but I went in there I went to that desk I'm sorry, and she took my picture she got all my information she looked over my application, and then she took my picture, and she said go wait again if you don't be cold go to 36, and they'll make you take your test, so my number was cold I went to desk 36 and my test I don't know if this is for all DMS, but mine was on a computer screen it was a touchscreen computer screen, but it wasn't an iPad, so I went I took it is only 20 questions there were a couple of them on what were they on like a couple road signs a couple of like what would you do in this situation so yet things like that but the test that I studied online I will link below did have a bunch of questions that was...
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